We are more than your average Personal trainers


Our Mission

we do things a little differently at am performance

your results are our top priority. We don't believe in fads, detoxes or thrashing you into the ground for the sake of it.

results FOCUSED personal training is the service that we offer

results are what we deliver

you will guess at nothing and gain at everything

if you're fed up of spinning your wheels and not getting the results that you want

First class Personal Training. Both Adam and Emma are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive, helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 100% would recommend! *****
— Claire Coonan - Midwife
More PB’s smashed! AM Performance are second to none. Strength gains all over the show!
— Jenni Howard, BDFPA Powerlifter
Specifically designed training programmes and nutrition advice tailored to your personal needs/goals. Both Adam and Emma are friendly, very supportive and motivating. Always willing to offer any advice and help any way they can. 100% Recommended!!
— Jenny Johnston - Physiotherapist
Absolutely second to none for personal training! Experts in fitness, nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching. I have been training at AM Performance for over a year now and could not recommend enough! *****
— Amanda Thomson
Lovely People and very professional! I had a training and nutritional coaching programme to follow that was tailored to me and what I wanted to achieve. I would highly recommend training at AM Performance and hope to be back myself in the future!
— Rebecca Dorgan