Food Hangover


OK so, lots of people struggle with that post-cheat guilt and grossness. It's all fun and games at first, then you're waking up feeling crap and wishing you hadn't had that last piece of chocolate. Or 2 pieces... ok bag. Sharing bag. 

Yesterday I had a post comp day of basically eating whatever the hell I wanted. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it, but yep, it was a bit of a shock to the system once we got past the crazy high calorie mark. I went to bed feeling like I never wanted to see another piece of food again. I woke up groggy, dehydrated, and just generally feeling gross.

I initially looked good, but once I'd eaten and got some water down me, I looked softer, puffy and watery.

I used to feel so guilty with this kind of thing. One thing that really got me was all these other people on social media who'd post their epic cheats then say "SO much food, but I just had the best session, never been stronger, pump was unreal, bla bla bla." Some people are like that, sure, but I'll tell you straight, I don't even go NEAR the gym when I feel like this. Yeah, it'd be great if the extra calories fuelled amazing sessions but for me they don't, not until a couple of days later at least. And I also think it's so important not to use training, which I adore, to "punish" myself for over indulging on food, which I also love. So I take a day off

How can we help ourselves feel better?

1. Stay active: maybe the gym isn't an option, but a long walk and staying as active as possible really helps.

2. Hydration: plenty of water, green tea and vitamin C.

3. Back to normal nutrition: This one is really important. No cutting calories to compensate! That isn't a healthy approach & starts a vicious cycle which won't "undo damage" anyway. There is no damage to undo - it takes CONSISTENTLY higher calories to gain fat, one day won't do it. Water weight gets rid of itself.

4. Sleep: a nice early night to set yourself up for a big training session the next day.

Disclaimer... There's a world of difference between a day of overindulgence & binging. I've struggled with the latter in the past & it's scary & not ok. I've seen lots of people, especially post comp, struggle with that so if that's you, you aren't on your own & it's nothing to be ashamed of, you'd be surprised how easy it is to find help and overcome. This isn't about encouraging disordered behaviour, it's about managing the odd overindulgence in a well rounded relationship with nutrition.

Anyway. Get back in your groove & don't stress, you'll feel right as rain in no time! And yes, yesterday was SO worth it.😍🐷

Em x